• Your HR Metrics Dashboard

    Bring All Your Workforce Data Into One Dashboard

Why You Need An HR Dashboard Now!

Don’t let your organization outgrow your handle on the workforce.

Demand For HR Analytics

Your HR team is pressured to leverage analytics, but you don’t have internal resources to collect and manage the data. Everyone is busy working!

Understanding of the Employee Lifecycle

The organization that doesn’t understand their workforce doesn’t understand their business. You should know as much, if not more about your employees than you do your customers!

HR System Fragmentation

You’re logging into 5 different HR systems to run reports. You also have 5 more HR reports created in excel. You have lots of data but no insights!


Know Your Numbers. Show Value.

Get the answers to your most important questions about your workforce.

Executive HR Dashboard

You’re the HR leader. Know the workforce numbers you need handy everyday to make sure the workforce is supporting the overall business goals of your organization!

HR Dashboard By Focus Area

View metrics by HR system or focus area including recruitment, performance, payroll, engagement, etc.

CEO HR Dashboard

Stay on top of all the numbers you need to know about your business including burn rate, employee happiness, retention, and other metrics that can make or break your success!


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Ready to understand more about your workforce?

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