• Your HR Metrics Dashboard

    Bring All Your Workforce Data Into One Dashboard

Why You Need An HR Dashboard Now!

Don’t let your organization outgrow your handle on the workforce.

Demand For HR Analytics

Your HR team is pressured to leverage analytics, but you don’t have internal resources to collect and manage the data. Everyone is busy working!

Understanding of the Employee Lifecycle

The organization that doesn’t understand their workforce doesn’t understand their business. You should know as much, if not more about your employees than you do your customers!

HR System Fragmentation

You’re logging into 5 different HR systems to run reports. You also have 5 more HR reports created in excel. You have lots of data but no insights!


HR Source of Truth Dashboard

Get the answers to your most important questions about your workforce.

User-Friendly At-a-Glance

Built and designed for busy executives to easily and quickly understand. No experience with coding or PhD in analytics required!

Metrics organized by HR Goals

Have your HR metrics grouped together from multiple systems based on your specific HR goals. These metrics become data stories to support your goals around diversity, recruiting, turnover, engagement, etc.

Real-time Metrics

By connecting directly to your various disconnected HR systems, you will get real-time metrics in your dashboard, reducing the time for you to identity trends and risks, and make smarter decisions faster.


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Ready to understand more about your workforce?

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