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Beth Perkins is the Talent Acquisition Manager at Delphic Digital, a Philadelphia-based full service digital agency providing web design, web development, SEO, and online marketing services.

What you’ll learn from this podcast episode:

– What is ENPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) and how does it help to stay on the pulse of an organization?

– How HR should do the job of the role they want before it being handed to them.

– Why being open and honest about the biases hiring manager have and getting past them.

– Why an unlimited vacation policy can be both “friend and foe” to HR and the business overall.

– Why the marketing and HR departments should work closer together.

– Why hiring based on formal education or having majored in a specific area might not be the best idea.

– Why Beth hates the term “Culture fit” and why culture add is better than culture fit.

– Why it’s more important to hire people who will help create a positive culture over hiring a person you can have a beer with.

– What returning your shopping cart says about you.

– How HR can show value and ROI to the leadership team and company overall.

– How and why you should choose the culture that matches your company values.

– Why thinking about diversity goes above and beyond gender and ethnicity, but areas such as introvert versus extrovert.

– What Beth thinks about bread pudding and how she likes it made.

Find Beth and Delphic Online:



Delphic Digital Career Site

Beth Perkins @ DisruptHR Philadelphia

College Majors versus Current Roles at Delphic Digital

Resources from the episode:

Buffer “CultureLab” podcast

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