Listen to Sam from Stitch on the Employee Cycle podcast discussing how removing unconscious bias and standardizing the hiring process can drive diversity.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What is a fair and transparent recruiting process, and how does it drive diversity?
  • Why HR professionals at data-driven companies will become more data-driven themselves.
  • How reflecting on your recruiting process can help identify which areas you’re downplaying that should get more attention, and also areas where you might be dropping the ball.
  • How following a traditional recruiting process such as providing a resume creates unconscious bias.
  • Why the Rooney Rule important, and how it drives diversity?
  • How to make sure the recruiting process is the same for every candidate, regardless of their diversity.
  • Why it’s important to recognize and understand how some employees have more privilege than others.
  • How by simply rolling up your sleeves, and using a little bit of data, you can make your recruiting process more fair without spending a dime!

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