Bill Shander – Founder/CEO of Beehive Media (Data Storytelling and Data Visualization)

Describe what you do in one sentence: Information design and data visualization. What you’ll learn from this episode: – Why standardized and basic charts are limiting. – The process of taking complex data and turning it into a simple visualization. … Read More

Kristen Bakalar, MA – Senior Leadership Development Consultant at Blessing White

Describe what you do in one sentence: Create training programs to make managers better at their jobs. How you do it: Work with organizations to understand what their leadership looks like now, what it needs to look like in the … Read More

Ashish Patil, Entrepreneur & Product Specialist

Ashish and Salas discuss product management, design, and healthcare consulting. You will learn how: * Employees are actually users of the company they work for and space they work within. * Understanding human behavior allows for building better business processes. … Read More

Ms. Michael Moon, PhD – CEO of ExcelHRate and Founder of MMM & Associates

Michael Moon, PhD joins us for an Employee Cycle conversation. We cover a lot of ground in this one, including Michael’s research interests, her unique career path, and her passion for running. You will also hear the answers to  : … Read More

Mark C. Crowley, author of “Lead from the Heart”

  Mark C. Crowley, author of “Lead from the Heart: Transformational Leadership for the 21st Century”, is the guest for this fast-paced episode of the Employee Cycle podcast. Mark and Salas discuss the impact a managerial strategy that focuses on … Read More

Paul Thoresen, Industrial-Organizational Psychology practitioner

Paul Thoresen, an Industrial-Organizational Psychology practitioner, sits down with Salas in this episode of Employee Cycle. Paul and Salas discuss * the need for psychological safety and a learning environment in teams, * how data can assure HR leaders a … Read More

Ken Gross, Founder & Principal @ Quantitative Innovations

Salas talks to Ken Gross about implementing data science effectively within organizations. Ken’s data expertise helped find the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers an effective way to reduce costs and maximize return on investment while simultaneously improving patient care. Ken also … Read More

Marc Prine, Director of Talent Consulting and Assessment at Taylor Strategy Partners

Salas talks behavioral psychology and business with Marc Prine, Director of Talent Consulting and Assessment at Taylor Strategy Partners. TSP uses quantitative and qualitative assessments to help corporate clients find the best fit for their open positions. And Marc names the one … Read MoreRead More

Welcome to the Employee Cycle podcast!

Welcome to the Employee Cycle podcast! … Read More