Technical solutions can help address employee relations issues

#MeToo Movement Creates a Need for Employee Relations Analytics

The #MeToo movement has brought attention to the pervasive issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. Not that it’s new though. Title VII of the Civil Right’s Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination in the workplace based on sex, religion, race, … Read More

HR should look at span of control to address concerns around turnover and employee engagement

An HR Metric: Span of Control

It’s common knowledge within the HR industry that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. The daily interactions employees have with their managers set the tone for how they feel about the organization. Managers need to be leaders to motivate … Read More

An organizational network analysis can assist HR with strategic initiatives

The Impact and Benefits of an Organizational Network Analysis

Even though HR is relatively new to the data scene, many analytical tools and methods have been developed. Plenty of metrics are out there to analyze all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to offboarding. HR dashboards and other … Read More

HR should work to create an organizational culture that supports ethics and employee's doing the righ thing

Supporting Ethics in the Workplace: How HR can help avoid a scandal like the college admissions scam

It seems like every other day another scandal hits the news and ethics are called into question. Last week, dozens of individuals were charged and arrested for participating in a college admissions scam. Parents paid thousands of dollars to have … Read More

HR analytics are a key tool for HR to become a strategic business partner

Three Types of HR Analytics: Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive

One of the hottest trends in HR right now is metrics and analytics. HR shifting to be more strategic and aligned with business goals creates a need for KPIs built on metrics. But metrics are useless without analytics. Understanding the … Read More

Time to hire is a valuable hr metric to support recruitment initiatives

An HR Metric: Time-to-Hire

HR metrics are important for supporting effective HR practices. The right metrics will provide indications when the HR team is effectively performing or if there are opportunities for improvement. KPI’s can then be built on those metrics. Time-to-hire is a … Read More

Artificial intelligence an automation will help HR support the changing workforce

What is the difference between AI and Automation?

Isn’t AI and Automation the same thing? The simple answer… No. But they definitely elicit the same response when it comes to their role in the workplace and HR. Companies are excited about the innovations these technologies could bring. While … Read More

A fair and balanced approach is needed for creating mandatory arbitration agreements

Are Mandatory Arbitration Agreements Right for Your Company?

Mandatory arbitration agreements have become very popular with organizations since early 2018. Arbitration is a process for settling disputes outside of court, without a judge or jury. There is a mutually agreed upon arbitrator who makes a determination based on … Read More

Inclusion should be supported by HR through metrics and analytics

HR Metrics to Support Inclusion Within the Workplace

Diversity continues to be an important topic for HR and business leaders. We all know the importance of having a diverse workforce. It brings a diversity of thought, which positively impacts the company’s bottom line. But, diversity is not effective … Read More

Women are vital to data and HR can support bridging the gender gap.

Supporting Women in Tech and Data Science

The fastest growing space for jobs is within tech and data. Unfortunately, women are underrepresented within the industry. While women hold 57% of professional jobs in the U.S., they only represent 27% of tech jobs, according to research conducted by … Read More