Open requisitions per recruiter is a useful metric to manage your team's workload

An HR Metric: Requisitions per Recruiter

Do you know what the right workload is for your recruiters? It can be a tough question to answer. Measuring the number of requisitions (reqs) per recruiter can be a useful metric to help you understand. It might even be … Read More

Navigating drug testing and drug-free workplace policies can be a difficult task for HR

Drug Testing in Today’s World: Legislation To Keep In Mind

As society evolves, so does the public’s views on traditional policies and practices. Over 50% of workplaces still drug test, with many of those being government jobs. There are laws that mandate certain companies to maintain a drug-free workplace but … Read More

HR needs to become high-impact to be a strategic business partner

Is Your HR Team High Impact: Measuring Your HR Analytics Maturity

To be a high-performing organization, companies are becoming more data-focused. HR should be a strategic business partner and function on a high-impact model. HR systems, data, metrics, and analytics are an integral part of creating a high-impact HR team. But, … Read More

New hire turnover is an important metric for both HR and talent acquisition

Why HR and Talent Acquisition Should Care About New Hire Turnover

Long employee tenures are no longer the norm within today’s offices. We don’t expect employees to stay with organizations for ten, fifteen, or twenty years as was the goal for previous generations. But, we should still be concerned about the … Read More

Metrics are important to an effective total rewards strategy

Why HR Metrics in Total Rewards is Important

Labor costs can be the biggest expenditure for organizations. It’s easy to know how much your spending on pay, healthcare, retirement, and other benefits. Most finance teams look at those numbers monthly. But how do you know it’s money well … Read More

Intersectionality is an important aspect to any diversity and inclusion metrics

Intersectionality: Diversity Metrics that HR Needs to Focus On

It’s 2019 and the topic of diversity and inclusion within the workplace is only growing. The past few years have given us social movements like Black Lives Matter and MeToo that tell us our diversity issues are not solved. HR’s … Read More

Data cleansing are an important part to maintaining accurate HR metrics and analytics

Time for a Little Spring Cleaning: How to Do a Good Data Cleansing in HR

Data integrity is an important part of accurate HR metrics and analytics. To make sure that happens, data cleansing should happen periodically. Data cleansing is the process of identifying and correcting inaccuracies within a data set. Those inaccuracies could be … Read More

Identifying the leadership styles in Game of Thrones

The Leadership Styles of the Contenders for Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne

Let the countdown begin! Just 3 more days until Game of Thrones (GoT) is back. But honestly, we’ve been counting down since 2017 when season 7 ended and left us hanging by a thread. In preparation for the all day … Read More

Offer acceptance rate

An HR Metric to Help Solve an HR problem: Offer Acceptance Rate

So here’s the situation… you are the Chief Talent Officer (CTO), overseeing all aspects of the workforce at your midsize financial company of 5,000 employees. This includes both HR and talent acquisitions (TA) teams. Business leaders have been expressing concerns … Read More

L&D supports and develops talent internally

Tech Provides Creative Solutions for Creating Effective and Engaging L&D Programs

Learning and development (L&D) programs can be a challenge for most organizations. Unfortunately, some of the most robust and effective programs require large budgets that companies just don’t have. HR needs to build solid business cases for their L&D programs, … Read More