Technology is driving innovations in the restaurant industry

Technology Is Changing The Way Restaurants Do Business

Innovation is great for business. It optimizes processes and streamlines operations to help provide better products and services for the consumer. With advancements in technology, innovation is drastically changing entire industries. Especially within the restaurant world.  It may not immediately … Read More

Fostering partnerships across the organization supports diversity and inclusion

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion: Key Partnerships To Foster Across The Organization

As we wrap up Pride Month, there’s been a lot of conversation on how companies are celebrating. Some of the dialogue has been negative highlighting the capitalistic motives behind some of the rainbow branded products. Though, there has been a … Read More

The cost of turnover can be a great expense for any organization

How To Calculate The Cost Of Turnover And Why It Matters

Your organization’s turnover rate is one of the most spotlighted HR metrics. But, just having the number doesn’t give much of an impact. To get a full picture, determine the true cost of turnover. Turnover rate is the percentage of … Read More

Paid leave for fathers has long last benefits for all

The Benefits Of Paid Parental Leave For Fathers

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!   Especially to the new dads celebrating their first Father’s Day and the soon-to-be dads. Those first few months are crucial to the development of and bonding with the child. When … Read More

HR can be a strategic business partner to provide more value to the organization overall

The Importance Of HR Shifting To Be A Strategic Business Partner

There’s a shift happening in HR right now. Traditionally, HR is looked at as an administratively heavy support role for the organization’s employees. Benefits, payroll, recruitment, and performance management are the day-to-day responsibilities of the HR team. This is a … Read More

The employer brand is a tool for attracting and retaining top talent

Measuring Your Employer Brand with HR Metrics

Your brand is worth everything. So is the company’s. If you ask someone what it’s like to work at your organization, his answer is how he perceives your employer brand. For instance, most people will have an opinion of what … Read More

Drivers are fighting to be classified as employees and for their rights.

The Battle Over Classification: Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Employees?

The rise of the gig economy has only increased the discussions around employee classification. It raises the question… are the people who execute the services for the company employees or independent contractors? Defining Who is an Employee Through Legislation There … Read More

Summer months is a great time to implement flexible work schedules in the office

It’s Summer! Flexible Work Options For The Summer Months

The warmer weather, sunny days, and an abundance of daylight hours probably have your employees running for the door. Or at least daydreaming about an outdoor happy hour and being at the shore. Summertime brings the conversations of vacations and … Read More

Readiness is an HR metric to help prepare for organizational change

HR Metric For Talent And Change Management: Readiness

Your organization’s senior leaders just came back from their annual three-day strategy retreat. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good year for the business. So the leaders are ready to make some drastic changes. Leaders want to realign the business units, trim … Read More

Recruitment metrics will help to track and manage your processes and practices

5 HR and Recruitment Metrics For The Recruitment Stage

Recruitment is a key stage in the employee lifecycle. At a basic level, recruitment is about enlisting people to join a group. But, it should be more than that. Without the right talent to meet business needs, the organization as … Read More