Off-boarding is a key stage in the employee lifecycle

The Importance Of Off-Boarding and 3 HR Metrics To Support

There’s nothing more important for an HR team than the employee lifecycle. It covers all aspects of the employee’s experience while working with the company. Starting with attraction and recruitment, the lifecycle continues into onboarding, development, retention. The life-cycle concludes … Read More

HR metrics are important for measuring the effectiveness of your training and development programs

How to Assess Your Training Program With HR Metrics

HR metrics can be the answer to all your problems.   Okay, maybe not all your problems. But the right metrics can help you get a better understanding of how your HR functions are performings. They’ll give insight on whether … Read More

Mentoring can be great but may not be the right answer

More Than Mentoring: Finding Coaches, Advocates, And Sponsors

There’s no doubt that mentoring has its benefits. When it’s done right, both the mentor and the mentee walk away with something. For the mentee that could mean guidance on career pathing. For the mentor, it could be a new … Read More

Creating talent pipelines and talent pools has long last benefits for the organization

The Difference Between Talent Pools and Talent Pipelines

Did you know there’s a difference between building a talent pool and building a talent pipeline? The terms tend to be used interchangeably but really do have different meanings. Both talent pools and pipelines are important and have far-reaching benefits … Read More

Ghosted candidates and companies are left with a lot of questions

Being Ghosted In The Professional World By Companies and Candidates

So you’ve been talking to this candidate for a couple of weeks now. It started as a passive search as you were scrolling through LinkedIn to build a talent pool. You slid into their DMs (direct message) and had a … Read More

Biometrics and microchipping are the future of identification but still have risks

Are Biometrics And Microchips The Future Of Workplace Identification?

According to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odessy, 18 years ago we would be regularly making commercial trips to the moon and sending people to Jupiter. Even Back to the Future Part II had hoverboards and flying cars by 2015. … Read More

Focusing on employees' well-being gives exponential benefits to employers too

Holistic Well-Being: Employee Benefits That Focus On The Whole Self

Historically, employee benefit programs focused on comprehensive medical, dental, and vision programs. Employees believed the best programs had low premiums, covered a lot of services, and low cost of services at the providers. These benefit offerings matched our views on … Read More

Representation is important for the public to know your company values diversity and inclusion

Representation Matters: Using HR Metrics To Measure Diversity In Key Roles

We all know the value of diversity. It cultivates an environment for innovation, creativity, and unique problem-solving. Not to mention diverse companies also produce 19% more in revenue, according to a BCG study.  This includes diversity in the more visible … Read More

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality gives HR new tools to engage the workforce

The Difference Between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality and How They Can Benefit HR

Advancements with technology inputs have given us new opportunities to interact with computers and the digital world. Did you know a computer mouse was not always a standard accessory for computers? Or even keyboards or monitors. The first computers were … Read More

Women's soccer team fights for equal pay even after winning the world cup

US Women’s Soccer Team Wins The 2019 World Cup But The Fight Continues

On Sunday, the US Women’s Soccer National Team (USWSNT) won the 2019 World Cup beating the Netherlands. The World Cup is held every four years where national soccer teams compete for the championship. 24 teams from across the world compete … Read More