HR should work to create an organizational culture that supports ethics and employee's doing the righ thing

Supporting Ethics in the Workplace: How HR can help avoid a scandal like the college admissions scam

It seems like every other day another scandal hits the news and ethics are called into question. Last week, dozens of individuals were charged and arrested for participating in a college admissions scam. Parents paid thousands of dollars to have … Read More

Artificial intelligence an automation will help HR support the changing workforce

What is the difference between AI and Automation?

Isn’t AI and Automation the same thing? The simple answer… No. But they definitely elicit the same response when it comes to their role in the workplace and HR. Companies are excited about the innovations these technologies could bring. While … Read More

A fair and balanced approach is needed for creating mandatory arbitration agreements

Are Mandatory Arbitration Agreements Right for Your Company?

Mandatory arbitration agreements have become very popular with organizations since early 2018. Arbitration is a process for settling disputes outside of court, without a judge or jury. There is a mutually agreed upon arbitrator who makes a determination based on … Read More

Women are vital to data and HR can support bridging the gender gap.

Supporting Women in Tech and Data Science

The fastest growing space for jobs is within tech and data. Unfortunately, women are underrepresented within the industry. While women hold 57% of professional jobs in the U.S., they only represent 27% of tech jobs, according to research conducted by … Read More

Cost-per-hire can be a time consuming but beneficial task

An HR metric to solve your HR problem: Cost-per-Hire

Scenario Your organization is looking to expand and open a new warehouse location. As the HR leader, you’ve been tasked with creating a workforce strategy with estimated costs. This is the first time you are opening a warehouse with this … Read More

Getting back on track with E-Verify after the shutdown

On Friday, January 25th, the US federal government has temporarily reopened after a 35 day long shutdown. This is the longest shutdown in history, which left entire departments closed and federal employees were furloughed. E-Verify was included in this group … Read More

Mobile friendly HR can better support its people

Making the Employee Experience Mobile Friendly

Mobility is important for today’s workforce. Technology has made accessing information quick and easy, especially after the invention of smart phones. We all carry mini supercomputers in our pockets that do so much more than just make phone calls. Smart … Read More

Is your employee’s social media something to worry about?

Social media has become much more than just a platform for connecting with friends and family. It is a stage for one to express opinions, share content, and build a brand and for organizations to connect with its consumers. The … Read More

Top 5 Ways to use Microlearning for Employee Training

Technology has made quickly accessing information easy and our attention spans have shortened because of it. Long, pre-recorded webinars are no longer an effective method for training talent. HR professionals have to start looking at new ways to keep employees … Read More

With all this turnover, let’s talk about Retention

It’s the new year and we are all working to establish our organizational goals for the upcoming year. “Reducing turnover” tends to be a common objective, especially within HR. It can be a disheartening path to achieve that goal as … Read More