Calculating overtime costs is one of the important HR metrics

How to Calculate Overtime Cost

When thinking about overtime, most just look at staying compliant with the federal guidelines established in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Violations of FLSA lead to fines and lawsuits, so it is important to perform regular audits. Overtime can … Read More

CSR can include socially active initiatives

Does CSR also mean being socially active?

Two things you never talked about in the workplace… politics and religion. But in today’s world, that’s no longer the case. We have constant access to what’s going on in the world because of technology. It can seem impossible to … Read More

Support employee engagement through HR metrics

Make employees your organization’s Valentine with engagement metrics

Fostering a culture to support and promote employee engagement has lasting effects on the organization’s success. Just like in a romantic relationship, employees need to feel supported and valued by their organization. Employee engagement speaks to the employees’ level of … Read More

HR metrics can help find solutions for organizational issues

Is Attrition an HR metric that helps or hurts your organization?

Attrition is an HR metric that looks at the overall rate at which your organization’s workforce decreases. It should be viewed differently from retention and turnover. Retention rates look at how many people are choosing to stay at your organization. … Read More

Using HR metrics and HR analytics to aid recruitment

An HR Metric to Solve your HR problem: Time to Fill

Scenario You are an HR leader and want to measure the productivity of your talent acquisition (TA) team for three reasons. One… you’re looking to create KPIs for your team’s goals as the organization overall is becoming more data focused. … Read More

Don't let your HR project fail like Fyre Festival

How to NOT let your HR project fail like Fyre Festival

Have you heard of Fyre Festival? I’d be surprised if you haven’t. It has gone viral many times, which was the intent and marketing strategy at first. More recently… the festival’s takeover of social media hasn’t been so positive. For … Read More

Brainstorming data and metrics lead to analytics

Data, Metrics, and Analytics: What’s the difference?

Organizations are becoming more data focused and create strategic goals built with key performance indicators (KPIs). If HR expects to keep that proverbial seat at the conference table, it’s important to understand key data concepts, including the difference between data, … Read More

Getting back on track with E-Verify after the shutdown

On Friday, January 25th, the US federal government has temporarily reopened after a 35 day long shutdown. This is the longest shutdown in history, which left entire departments closed and federal employees were furloughed. E-Verify was included in this group … Read More

Inclusion in the workplace

What we can learn from Planet Fitness: Creating an inclusive workplace

It’s a few weeks into 2019… how’s that new year’s resolution going? Getting to the gym is a common goal for most and finding the right one is important. Planet Fitness makes inclusion their top priority and wants everyone to … Read More

Analyzing performance review data in a bell curve

The Performance Review Bell Curve

“Yay, it’s time for the annual performance reviews” said no HR professional ever. I don’t know about your organization’s performance review process, but most HR people will tell you theirs could be improved in more than just a few ways. … Read More