• All-In-One HR
    Analytics Dashboard

    All your turnover, retention, recruiting,
    diversity, engagement, performance,
    and other people metrics in one place. 

How does this all work?

You get to better view, track and communicate the status of the workforce!

Track all HR data in one place.

HR metrics from all your different HR systems are grouped together by focus area, telling a better story of your most important workforce areas.

Providing you with real-time HR metrics.

Stay updated with real-time HR insights, reducing the time for you to identity trends and risks, and make smarter workforce decisions faster.


What Our Fans Have To Say!

"Employee Cycle is different because they're interested in helping me, as HR, figure out what's actually useful and important to me."
VP, People and CultureInkling
"The EmployeeCycle dashboard has given me a lot of time back. I not only have better insights from our people data, I also have more time to take action on those insights."
Talent Acquisition ManagerDelphic Digital

The Benefits of an Automated HR Dashboard

Get the answers to your most important questions about your workforce.

You save lots of time.

Stop building the same HR reports over again. Use that time to better understand your HR data, and make smarter workforce decisions.

You have an updated view of your workforce.

Stop working from outdated reports, and making decisions from old data. Find the small issues faster before they become major problems.

You can better position the value of HR.

Go to your meetings equipped with a dashboard CEOs actually want to see. You can better support your goals, budget requests, and HR’s overall impact.

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Just some of our HR integrations!

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