Crisis response is a key function for HR and Business Leaders

Is Your HR Team And Organization Ready For A Crisis?

The Midwest is in the height of a very active and violent tornado season. Over the past week, Missouri has been hit with severe weather and catastrophic tornadoes. The devastation is only being compounded by heavy rains that are flooding … Read More

Holiday pay could be a unique benefit that helps your employer brand

Holiday Pay Might Be A Perk You’re Under Utilizing

Holiday pay is not mandated under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), even if the office is closed for the day. The federal law only mandates pay for time worked, which does not include holidays and vacations. But that doesn’t … Read More

HR metrics can help you support your organization's leaders

HR Metrics for Managing Your Organization’s Leaders

People don’t leave organizations, they leave managers. So it’s key to make sure you’re doing as much as you can in HR to help support, develop, and encourage your leaders. There are data and metrics to help you though.   … Read More

The declining birth rates is an external trend that can have big impacts on your workforce planning

Why Should HR Be Aware of the Declining Birth Rates

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) reports that the US birth rate has continued to decline in 2018. But now, the birth rate is the lowest it has been in 32 years. It fell 2% from 2017 to 2018. … Read More

UX design can be an interesting tech field HR can learn from

Why HR Should Think Like A UX Designer

Our digital world is creating more and more specialized jobs with unique skills. UX design is a growing field that HR can learn from. Taking on a more UX focused mindset can have a positive impact on HR goals and … Read More

Time to productivity is a good metric for understanding how effective your onboarding is for new hires

An Important HR Metric to Measure: Time to Productivity

Do you know how long it takes your new hires to get up to speed? Calculating this HR metric, time-to-productivity, can give you the answer. Once calculated, understanding what that number means and the factors that influence it can make … Read More

Parental leave is a valuable employee benefit

Take Time to Evaluate Your Parental Leave Policies

May brings thoughts of spring, flowers, and Mother’s Day. It’s a day to honor the mothers in our lives. While mothers are still viewed as the primary caretakers when it comes to raising children and taking care of the household, … Read More

Data mining and data farming can be useful tools for HR

What is Data Farming vs Data Mining and Why HR Should Be Aware

You may have been hearing these terms thrown around a lot lately. Especially when it comes to tech giants in the news. Both terms, data farming and data mining, refer to the process of data collection. But, they differ in … Read More

The cost of training is an important expense to monitor

How To Calculate the Benefits and Cost of Training

Calculating the cost of training isn’t easy. There’s a lot of factors to consider but it’s still an important number to know. Without an understanding of the cost, it would be impossible to know what your return on investment (ROI) … Read More

HR Tech Expanding Into Investigations and Employee Concerns

The world is becoming more techy and so are organizations. That shift is also causing more focus to be placed on data and analytics as an integral part of business solutions. The right systems are needed to support the data, … Read More