Biometrics and microchipping are the future of identification but still have risks

Are Biometrics And Microchips The Future Of Workplace Identification?

According to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odessy, 18 years ago we would be regularly making commercial trips to the moon and sending people to Jupiter. Even Back to the Future Part II had hoverboards and flying cars by 2015. … Read More

Contingent workers can be a significant portion of the workforce depending on the business model

HR Metrics To Understand Your Workforce: Contingent Representation Rate

The rise of the gig economy is only increasing the contingent workforce. Anyone that is not on the company’s payroll makes up the contingent workforce. Temporary staff, subcontractors, freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, contract workers can all fall under this umbrella … Read More

Focusing on employees' well-being gives exponential benefits to employers too

Holistic Well-Being: Employee Benefits That Focus On The Whole Self

Historically, employee benefit programs focused on comprehensive medical, dental, and vision programs. Employees believed the best programs had low premiums, covered a lot of services, and low cost of services at the providers. These benefit offerings matched our views on … Read More

HR metrics are useful for tracking HR's own operational expense

HR Metrics for Measuring Operational HR Expense

When looking at HR metrics, we tend to focus on the numbers that reflect on how the workforce is performing. Turnover looks at how many people leave the organization. Internal mobility rate looks at how often people are moving throughout … Read More

Representation is important for the public to know your company values diversity and inclusion

Representation Matters: Using HR Metrics To Measure Diversity In Key Roles

We all know the value of diversity. It cultivates an environment for innovation, creativity, and unique problem-solving. Not to mention diverse companies also produce 19% more in revenue, according to a BCG study.  This includes diversity in the more visible … Read More

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality gives HR new tools to engage the workforce

The Difference Between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality and How They Can Benefit HR

Advancements with technology inputs have given us new opportunities to interact with computers and the digital world. Did you know a computer mouse was not always a standard accessory for computers? Or even keyboards or monitors. The first computers were … Read More

Selection rate is a helpful metric for understanding your recruitment practices

An HR Metric For A Recruitment Concern: Selection Rate

Selection rate, or also know as Yield rate, measures how many people are going from one stage to the next of the recruitment process. It can provide a lot of insight into how people are moving through the recruitment process. … Read More

Women's soccer team fights for equal pay even after winning the world cup

US Women’s Soccer Team Wins The 2019 World Cup But The Fight Continues

On Sunday, the US Women’s Soccer National Team (USWSNT) won the 2019 World Cup beating the Netherlands. The World Cup is held every four years where national soccer teams compete for the championship. 24 teams from across the world compete … Read More

Summer is a good time for a vacation and employers can offer unique benefits to support time off

Unique Vacation Perks To Encourage Time Away From Work

Happy Fourth!   This year, Independence Day falls on a Thursday, which is prompting many Americans to take a long four-day weekend. For many offices, Friday, July 5th will be empty and feel like an unofficial holiday. From July through … Read More

Gamification adds value to HR's training and development programs for employees

What Is Gamification And How It Benefits Training And Development In HR

Games and sports have always been popular. Especially once video games were invented. One of the first video games invented was Pong in 1972, which was based on table tennis. It’s viewed as the most iconic computer video game that … Read More