Listen to Matt Schwartz, President of MJS Executive Search, explain how, why, and when you should work with an executive search firm to fill those unique and executive positions.

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What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The value that executive search firms bring to the recruiting process.
  • The difference between a contingent search firm and a retained search firm.
  • How executive search firms gets compensated.
  • The difference between a staffing firm and a search firm.
  • At what point in the hiring process do companies typically hire a search firm.
  • The types of roles and industries that are using search firms the most.
  • How often candidates respond to the opportunities search firms provide.
  • The average length of time search firms take to fill roles.
  • The roles that make performing video interview more difficult.
  • The reports and metrics companies should be tracking when working with search firms.

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About the host: Bruce is co-founder and CEO of the HR dashboard Employee Cycle. When Bruce is not helping HR executives better understand the story behind their workforce data, he’s serving as Board Chair of the non-profit youth coding program Coded By Kids, making fun playlists on Spotify, and hunting down the best bread pudding in whichever city he’s in.