Unlocking Employee Potential with Kelly Poulson

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Building Your DNA Hiring Framework with Brandon Atkinson, Former Chief People Officer @ AppNexus

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Creating A Transparent Compensation Strategy with Emily Allen, Director of People Operations @ Seer Interactive

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HR’s Role during a Merger or Acquisition with Marjorie Ajero, VP of HR @ Group Nine Media

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The Business Role of HR with John Baldino, President of Humareso

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What Is Diversity versus Inclusion with Jameel Rush, Philly SHRM President

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What Is and Is Not Employee Engagement w/ Talia Edmundson @ Revzilla

Learn from Talia that ping pong, pool tables and free lunch is NOT employee engagement. Talia Edmundson is Director of HR @ Revzilla, a multi-million dollar online destination for premium motorcycle apparel, parts and accessories. What you’ll learn from this episode: … Read More

Beth Perkins, Talent Acquisition Manager @ Delphic Digital

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Bill Shander – Founder/CEO of Beehive Media (Data Storytelling and Data Visualization)

Describe what you do in one sentence: Information design and data visualization. What you’ll learn from this episode: – Why standardized and basic charts are limiting. – The process of taking complex data and turning it into a simple visualization. … Read More

Kristen Bakalar, MA – Senior Leadership Development Consultant at Blessing White

Describe what you do in one sentence: Create training programs to make managers better at their jobs. How you do it: Work with organizations to understand what their leadership looks like now, what it needs to look like in the … Read More