Paul Thoresen, an Industrial-Organizational Psychology practitioner, sits down with Salas in this episode of Employee Cycle.

Paul and Salas discuss
* the need for psychological safety and a learning environment in teams,
* how data can assure HR leaders a seat at the table,
* the process of critically incorporating scientific findings and best practices into your corporate workforce,
* how to reduce turnover by improving your on boarding process,
* how sports teams differ from corporate teams, and
* techniques from the software industry that can be applied across the corporate workforce.

Quotes from Paul in this episode:
“Employee surveys get a bad rap because people don’t know how to use the surveys. The key is to see the survey as a cycle.” – Paul Thoresen
“Most companies are sitting on reams of data. It’s important to sift through that and figure out what the important parts are.”

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About the host: Salas Saraiya is co-founder of the HR dashboard Employee Cycle.

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