Labor cost of an employee can be the majority of overall operating cost for a business

Understanding The Total Labor Cost Of An Employee With HR Metrics

Labor costs are the most expensive line item for any business. It can account for 70% of overall operating costs, with 30% of labor cost going to benefits. But do you know how much your employees costs and how that … Read More

Focusing on employees' well-being gives exponential benefits to employers too

Holistic Well-Being: Employee Benefits That Focus On The Whole Self

Historically, employee benefit programs focused on comprehensive medical, dental, and vision programs. Employees believed the best programs had low premiums, covered a lot of services, and low cost of services at the providers. These benefit offerings matched our views on … Read More

Holiday pay could be a unique benefit that helps your employer brand

Holiday Pay Might Be A Perk You’re Under Utilizing

Holiday pay is not mandated under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), even if the office is closed for the day. The federal law only mandates pay for time worked, which does not include holidays and vacations. But that doesn’t … Read More

Metrics are important to an effective total rewards strategy

Why HR Metrics in Total Rewards is Important

Labor costs can be the biggest expenditure for organizations. It’s easy to know how much your spending on pay, healthcare, retirement, and other benefits. Most finance teams look at those numbers monthly. But how do you know it’s money well … Read More