Technology is driving innovations in the restaurant industry

Technology Is Changing The Way Restaurants Do Business

Innovation is great for business. It optimizes processes and streamlines operations to help provide better products and services for the consumer. With advancements in technology, innovation is drastically changing entire industries. Especially within the restaurant world.  It may not immediately … Read More

HR metrics can help find solutions for organizational issues

Is Attrition an HR metric that helps or hurts your organization?

Attrition is an HR metric that looks at the overall rate at which your organization’s workforce decreases. It should be viewed differently from retention and turnover. Retention rates look at how many people are choosing to stay at your organization. … Read More

Turnover… what’s that?

No, we’re not talking about that flaky, buttery, fruit-filled pastry… we’re talking about metrics. People metrics within an organization. When an organization starts to focus on people metrics, turnover rates are the first piece of data leaders want to know. … Read More