Labor cost of an employee can be the majority of overall operating cost for a business

Understanding The Total Labor Cost Of An Employee With HR Metrics

Labor costs are the most expensive line item for any business. It can account for 70% of overall operating costs, with 30% of labor cost going to benefits. But do you know how much your employees costs and how that … Read More

Salary range penetration is a helpful metric for keeping track of your company's compensation

An HR Metric for Compensation: Salary Range Penetration

Some metrics are easier to calculate than others. Unfortunately, this one won’t be just tallying up some headcounts. Salary range penetration is going to take a bit of mathematical skill (or a solid excel formula) but is a useful metric. … Read More

Compa-ratio is a key metric for monitoring your organization's compensation plans and strategies

An HR Metric: Compa-Ratio

Compensation is an integral part of an organization’s budget strategy. It is important to understand the current state of your employees’ pay. Compa-ratio is a versatile metric to compare your compensation plans and strategies internally and externally.   What is … Read More