Sapling provides a unique HR system solution to manage HR functions

HR System Integration Spotlight: Sapling

What is Sapling? Sapling provides a cloud-based HR software to be the system of record for all employee data. Based out of San Francisco, Sapling focuses on providing a product that supports the needs of fast-growing midsized companies. Those are … Read More

Turnover is a valuable metric when used in conjunction with other metrics

3 HR Metrics To Support Your Turnover Data

Turnover rate is the most common HR metric. It’s usually the first metric asked for by leaders and used for many organizational KPIs. Turnover is an important metric because it tells you how many people are leaving the company over … Read More

Namely is an all-in-one HR system

HR System Integration Spotlight: Namely

What is Namely? Namely was started in NYC, providing a SaaS (software as a service) HR management system (HRMS). Namely focuses on mid-size companies, which are companies with about 100 to 1,000 employees. They want to create the best HR … Read More

HR System Integration Spotlight: BambooHR

What is BambooHR?   BambooHR is a US-based HR tech company that provides a SaaS human resources information system (HRIS). SaaS stands for “software as a service”, which is software typically licensed out and manged in the cloud (aka online). … Read More

Biometrics and microchipping are the future of identification but still have risks

Are Biometrics And Microchips The Future Of Workplace Identification?

According to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odessy, 18 years ago we would be regularly making commercial trips to the moon and sending people to Jupiter. Even Back to the Future Part II had hoverboards and flying cars by 2015. … Read More

HR metrics are useful for tracking HR's own operational expense

HR Metrics for Measuring Operational HR Expense

When looking at HR metrics, we tend to focus on the numbers that reflect on how the workforce is performing. Turnover looks at how many people leave the organization. Internal mobility rate looks at how often people are moving throughout … Read More

Selection rate is a helpful metric for understanding your recruitment practices

An HR Metric For A Recruitment Concern: Selection Rate

Selection rate, or also know as Yield rate, measures how many people are going from one stage to the next of the recruitment process. It can provide a lot of insight into how people are moving through the recruitment process. … Read More

Internal mobility rates are a good indication of how your talent is moving within the organization

An HR Metric: Internal Mobility Rate

What is internal mobility?   Internal mobility refers to your employees’ movement throughout the organization. It includes promotions, transfers, and demotions. Larger organizations tend to have a lot more mobility since there are more positions.  The greatest source of talent … Read More

Readiness is an HR metric to help prepare for organizational change

HR Metric For Talent And Change Management: Readiness

Your organization’s senior leaders just came back from their annual three-day strategy retreat. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good year for the business. So the leaders are ready to make some drastic changes. Leaders want to realign the business units, trim … Read More

Recruitment metrics will help to track and manage your processes and practices

5 HR and Recruitment Metrics For The Recruitment Stage

Recruitment is a key stage in the employee lifecycle. At a basic level, recruitment is about enlisting people to join a group. But, it should be more than that. Without the right talent to meet business needs, the organization as … Read More