Fostering partnerships across the organization supports diversity and inclusion

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion: Key Partnerships To Foster Across The Organization

As we wrap up Pride Month, there’s been a lot of conversation on how companies are celebrating. Some of the dialogue has been negative highlighting the capitalistic motives behind some of the rainbow branded products. Though, there has been a … Read More

HR should look at span of control to address concerns around turnover and employee engagement

An HR Metric: Span of Control

It’s common knowledge within the HR industry that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. The daily interactions employees have with their managers set the tone for how they feel about the organization. Managers need to be leaders to motivate … Read More

Brainstorming data and metrics lead to analytics

Data, Metrics, and Analytics: What’s the difference?

Organizations are becoming more data focused and create strategic goals built with key performance indicators (KPIs). If HR expects to keep that proverbial seat at the conference table, it’s important to understand key data concepts, including the difference between data, … Read More