Technology is driving innovations in the restaurant industry

Technology Is Changing The Way Restaurants Do Business

Innovation is great for business. It optimizes processes and streamlines operations to help provide better products and services for the consumer. With advancements in technology, innovation is drastically changing entire industries. Especially within the restaurant world.  It may not immediately … Read More

Artificial intelligence an automation will help HR support the changing workforce

What is the difference between AI and Automation?

Isn’t AI and Automation the same thing? The simple answer… No. But they definitely elicit the same response when it comes to their role in the workplace and HR. Companies are excited about the innovations these technologies could bring. While … Read More

Top 5 Ways to Use Microlearning for Employee Training

Technology has made quickly accessing information easy and our attention spans have shortened because of it. Long, pre-recorded webinars are no longer an effective method for training talent. HR professionals have to start looking at new ways to keep employees … Read More