What is the Employee Cycle?

The data-driven view across the entire employee life cycle

HR metrics to track across the Employee Cycle

All the different things you do. Hire the right people. Create the best culture. Cultivate the most productive environment. Provide options for upward mobility. Helping your employees become the best versions of themselves.

It’s all to make sure both your employees and company are getting the most value from the shared experience. If you didn’t know, that’s what you’re optimizing for, and that’s the sole reason Employee Cycle exists. To help make this process simple.

Our Founding Team

Bruce Marable

Bruce Marable

Co-Founder & CEO

Spends time making music playlists on Spotify, and hunting around town for the most delicious bread pudding.
Salas Saraiya

Salas Saraiya

Co-Founder & CTO

Spends time thinking about how to build collaborative communities, and how public policy can shape society.

What are the values we live by

Adapt to the real-time needs of the company and customers.
Respect your team and customers.
Give and receive feedback well to make the company better.
Be accountable to yourself, customers, and team members.

Be honest and ethically responsible.

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