Get Your Own Data Coach

Work with a professional to become more data literate and data-driven.

Identify your stage in your HR data journey.

Your Data Coach will assess your level of comfort around data interpretation and analysis, to make sure you can view, analyze and share your people data correctly.

Choose the right metrics to achieve your HR goals.

Since “what gets measured gets managed”, your Data Coach will help make sure you’re using the appropriate data to measure your efforts against your goals.

Check-in to make sure you’re successful.

Your Data Coach will have a quarterly call with you to make sure you’re achieving your people goals, and consistently telling the best data-driven story of your workforce.

Coach F.A.Q.

How often are check-ins?

You get an initial onboarding goal to assess your level of HR data literacy and HR goals, and then get a 30 min call every 3 months after.

How long are check-ins for?

We provide one 30 minute session every 3 months. 

Does a Data Coach cost extra?

For now Data Coaches are included in all paid subscriptions. 

Why do I need a Data Coach?

We have found most HR & People Ops leaders need help with data storytelling, interpreting data visulizations, and making data-driven decisions. Your Data Coach will help with all of this and more!

What if I need more time?

Reach out through sales or customer success to discuss that option. 

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