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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

  • Celebrating Black History Month with ERGs
    ERGs or Employee Resource Groups are a key driver for diversity and inclusion. Truly impactful groups support a diverse workforce by creating inclusive workspaces that embrace diversity.
  • Creating diversity programs that actually work
    According to The Harvard Business Review, executives understand that diversity and inclusion among employees creates more innovation yet many companies fail to retain and attract diverse talent. Here’s how to create diversity programs that actually work.
  • How to create sustainable Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives
    Creating sustainable DEI programs shows current and future employees you value them. These programs should be seen as an opportunity to create better employee engagement, understand your employees and customers better, and to grow as a business – not simply a “feel-good” initiative to say you’ve done it and you have “something” in place. Here’s how to create a sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative.
  • How to handle affinity bias in HR
    Is affinity bias hurting your organization? Are you hiring the same type of employee over and over and is that lack of diversity keeping your company stagnant? Find out why we have affinity bias and how to avoid affinity bias in hiring the perfect candidate for each role.
  • How to use data to create the ideal DEI framework
    Diversity, equity, and inclusion frameworks are here to stay and if your company doesn’t have a good DEI program in place, it may be left being. Find out how to use data to create the ideal DEI framework.
  • HR analytics trend predictions for 2022
    In this article on HR analytics trends, we’ll walk through 7 HR analytics trends being adopted in 2022 and in the years to come.
  • HR Metrics to Support Inclusion Within the Workplace
    Diversity is nothing without real inclusion. HR should foster an organizational culture that supports both. Any HR initiatives need metrics to indicate whether DEI initiatives are working or not.
  • Intersectionality: Diversity Metrics that HR Needs to Focus On
    Inclusion is the key to diversity. But, overlooking intersectionality can be the padlock that holds back D&I solutions from being effective and meaningful. Companies need to pay attention to intersectionality.
  • Representation Matters: Using HR Metrics To Measure Diversity In Key Roles
    Representation matters, not only in media but for organizations too. It’s important for others to see the diversity that your company values. Discover how HR Metrics can be utilized to meet an organization’s diversity policy.
  • Supporting Diversity and Inclusion: Key Partnerships To Foster Across The Organization
    Diversity and inclusion are more than an HR thing. It should be integrated into the culture and business practices through cross-functional partnerships. HR Metrics are a useful way to measure those partnerships.
  • Supporting Women in Tech and Data Science
    The gender gap is well-known throughout the data and tech industries. HR has the tools and resources needed to be the agents of actualizing change.
  • The pros and cons of creating career frameworks
    What are career frameworks, why are they important, and do you need one in your organization? Here are the pros and cons of creating career frameworks and everything you need to know to succeed.
  • What We Can Learn From Planet Fitness: Creating an Inclusive Workplace
    Inclusion fuels the power of diversity. Diversity can not benefit your organization if your talent does not feel comfortable enough to speak their minds. Discover how HR Metrics can be used to improve diversity within an organization.

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