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“How To Move Employees From Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Integration” with Christina Molzen from FiscalNote

During this interview, Christina Molzen, Vice of People at FiscalNote, discusses the importance of empowering and enabling employees to be successful at work and at home. What you’ll learn from this episode: What are the challenges of Work-Life balance? How to identify what career stage your employees are in and whose responsibility is it? Is […]

“How To Help Employees Succeed During A Crisis” with Erica Lied from Ridgeline

Despite the crisis, it’s important to set your employees up to be successful. Listen to today’s podcast with Erica Lied to learn a few tips on how you can be sure your employees succeed. What you’ll learn from this episode: How to help your employees succeed during a crisis? How to have a successful onboarding […]

“How To Scale Culture As Your Company Grows” with Gia Ganesh from Florence Healthcare

Wondering how you can grow your culture as your company grows? In today’s podcast, Gia Ganesh discusses how to make sure it keeps up. What you’ll learn from this episode: Is it okay if everyone views the work culture differently? How to go about communicating the work culture during the hiring process remotely. Should you […]

“How To Keep Employees Motivated During Remote Work” with Diana Minelli from Marlin Software

Due to the situation, it can be tough to keep your employees motivated. Diana Minelli, Director of Human Resources at Marlin Software, SHRM-CP gives a few tips on how to keep everyone running. What you’ll learn from this episode: How to keep employees motivated during remote work? What does a motivated employee look like? Is […]

“How HR Has Responded To The Different Stages of COVID” with Rachel Ernst from Reflektive

There has been a lot of changes and adjustments through the different stages of COVID. Rachel Ernst from Reflektive reflects on how HR has responded to those changes. What you’ll learn from this episode: How did Rachel react to COVID-19? How has Rachel’s company helped its employees adapt to COVID-19? Having a way to measure […]