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“How HR is leading their workforce during Covid-19” with Melanie Oberman @ Heap

Listen to Melanie Oberman, VP of People at Heap, discussing how to help your employees navigate the stress and anxiety during times of uncertainty. What you’ll learn from this episode: Why implementing “mental escape days” is a way to focus on the well-being of employees. Why being transparent with employees creates a sense of safety […]

“How to communicate and engage with a remote workforce” with Kristen Hayward at Superhuman

Listen to Kristen Hayward, Head of People at Superhuman, discuss how communication and engagement can help your workforce get through a crisis. What you’ll learn from this episode: Why some remote employee engagement efforts might yield a better return than when in the office. How to break up the monotony of videos calls to keep […]

“How to hire in the new normal” with Sue Burnett from Burnett Specialists

Listen to Sue Burnett, President and Founder of Burnett Specialists, discussing hiring best practices to follow during Covid-19 and remote work. What you’ll learn from this episode: Why some companies are hiring in “stealth” mode making layoffs. How companies can manage the exponential increase in candidate applications during an economic recession. What companies need to […]

“How to lead your workforce through a global health crisis” with Kim Sass @ Wi-Tronix

Listen to Kim Sass, VP of HR at Wi-Tronix, discussing how to help your workforce navigate through uncertainty during Covid-19. What you’ll learn from this episode: Why your workforce must be adaptable to thrive during a crisis. Why there may be a disconnect between what employees say on surveys versus how they really feel. How […]

“How to lead during a crisis” with Ali Farrell, Head of People at Wodify

Listen to Ali Farell, Head of People at Wodify, discuss how to manage your workforce during uncertainty, and why being “human” goes a long way. What you’ll learn from this episode: Why it’s important to be very “human” to your employees during a crisis. Why providing consistent empathy shows how you live by your values. […]