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Why Soft Skills should be called Human Skills with Rachel Druckenmiller

Listen to Rachel Druckenmiller, CEO of Unmuted Life, discuss why human skills can help employees with loneliness, empathy, and self-awareness. What you’ll learn from this episode: What are examples of soft skills that should be renamed to human skills. Why and how to use assessments to understand which gaps in human your team has and […]

Why a Small Business needs HR with Charlie Gray

Listen to Charlie Gray, President of Gray Scalable, discuss when, why and how small businesses should hire for HR. What you’ll learn from this episode: When is the right time for a small business to hire for an HR role.What should a small business owner expect from their HR role.How to assess whether your HR […]

Why HR tech companies and HR consultants should work together with Dan Taylor

Listen to Dan Taylor, Referral Program Specialist at BambooHR, discuss how HR tech companies & HR consultants can create value working together. What you’ll learn from this episode: What to expect from your HR software vendor versus HR consultant during the sales, implementation and training process.How HR consultants are hitting an inflection point where they […]

How to Win the War on Talent with Lauren Williams

Listen to Lauren Williams, Founder and Chief Boss Lady at Harmony HR Experts, discuss hiring and retaining top talent in a tight workforce. What you’ll learn from this episode: How the “war on talent” is increasing hiring and turnover costs across all industries and company sizes.Why it’s important to assess your current retention strategy to […]

How to do career pathing right in a changing economy with Brynne Kennedy

Listen to Brynne Kennedy, former founder & CEO of Topia and current Candidate for US Congress discuss the Talent Mobility Revolution. What you’ll learn from this episode: What is the Talent Mobility Revolution, and why should companies have a Chief Talent Mobility Officer (CTMO).How the gig economy is affecting traditional career pathing and making the […]