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The Brain Science behind being a Good Leader with Rajkumari Neogy

Listen to Rajkumari Neogy, Founder of iRestart, discuss epigenetics and how your body and mindset are impacted by good and bad environments. What you’ll learn from this episode: What is epigenetics and how it’s linked to leadership. Why leaders need to recognize and appreciate employees. Why showing empathy and curiosity allows leaders to build better […]

Is People Analytics real or just Hype with Fiona Jamison

Listen to Fiona Jamison, CEO of Spring International, discuss the current state of people analytics and if it can actually help your business. What you’ll learn from this episode: Does people analytics actually help you business. How to create a people analytics strategy. Who should be responsible for creating your people analytics strategy. What types […]

How to successfully manage HR transformation with Shelly Azen

Listen to Shelly Azen, Founder of unHR, discuss how HR can provide the secret sauce for your company to achieve its business goals. What you’ll learn from this episode: What is HR transformation and when do you need it. The stakeholders involved in an HR transformation project. Why and how HR always needs to evolve […]

How HR can help Employees Redefine Retirement

Listen to Raymond Lee, CEO of Careerminds, discuss how companies can better help their employees with the retirement process. What you’ll learn from this episode: Why it’s important to help employees think about their retirement strategy. How to incorporate retirement readiness into your succession planning strategy. How companies can make employees feel comfortable talking about […]

The connection between HR and Corporate Social Responsibility

Listen to Christina Mattison, President & CEO of Mattison Advisors, discuss how being a good corporate citizen can help you achieve your business goals. What you’ll learn from this episode: What is corporate social responsibility (CSR) and why it’s becoming such an important part of running a business. Who should manage the CSR function and […]