Listen to Tori Mitchell, Director of the HR division at Juno Search Partners, discuss when and how to hire for HR roles, the first HR hire you should make, and the skills necessary to work in HR.

HR Dashboard

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What size companies typically start to hire for HR roles.
  • What type of HR role should be the first HR hire.
  • How much experience the first HR hire should have.
  • Why industry experience is important for HR roles.
  • When and why HR is looked at as a strategical role versus tactical role.
  • How much are HR roles paying (in Philadelphia and surrounding areas).
  • What are the skills gaps HR candidates currently have.
  • Why technology and analytics are changing the expectations of HR professionals.
  • What future roles of HR are starting to gain traction and employer interest.

How to find Tori and Juno online: