5 Creative, Springtime Employee Engagement Activities for the Office

Yay! It’s officially Spring! Well, technically spring began two weeks ago. But anyone living in the Northeast definitely wasn’t feeling springy with thirty-degree weather. But now that we’re officially in April, it’s safe to say it’s springtime! The days are … Read More

Support employee engagement through HR metrics

Make employees your organization’s Valentine with engagement metrics

Fostering a culture to support and promote employee engagement has lasting effects on the organization’s success. Just like in a romantic relationship, employees need to feel supported and valued by their organization. Employee engagement speaks to the employees’ level of … Read More

With all this turnover, let’s talk about Retention

It’s the new year and we are all working to establish our organizational goals for the upcoming year. “Reducing turnover” tends to be a common objective, especially within HR. It can be a disheartening path to achieve that goal as … Read More