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Simply connect your different HR systems                                to pull all your data into one real-time view.

HR Analytics Dashboard

Watch the painful process of HR reporting.

Connect all your HR systems. See all your metrics in one place.

Making the best companies smarter about their workforce.

“Employee Cycle’s data visualization platform for People/HR is seriously good stuff. They plug right into your HRIS and the presto! No more wrangling raw data, crunching it, and toiling to get into a PowerPoint.”

Sharon Kittredje, VP of People, Agora

Get your own Data Coach.

We know the Employee Cycle HR dashboard helps you turn your data into useful information, but sometimes you need a little more help to turn your unique information into actionable insights.

That’s where your Data Coach comes in to take you to that next level in your data journey.

Human Resources data analysis coach

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