Listen to Robert Flom, Director of Sales & Marketing at Accutrace, as he gives an in-depth behind the scenes look at the process of drug testing, background screening, and employee credentialing.

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What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The difference between background screening, drug testing and employee credentialing.
  • Why background is an investment that helps your company stay compliant and avoid risk.
  • How the screening and testing can impact the time-to-hire in the recruiting process.
  • How to decide to screen all candidates before the offer letter, versus only screening candidates once the job has been offered.
  • How inaccurate results can lead to bad hiring decisions.
  • Why some screening practices create “gray areas” in the hiring process.
  • How social media is creeping into the screening process, and the importance of being careful.
  • Why the different types of drug tests can vary widely based on the types of employees you hire.
  • What are the metrics and KPIs you’ll want to track when working with a screening company.

How to find Robert and Accutrace online:

About the host: Bruce is co-founder and CEO of the HR dashboard Employee Cycle. When Bruce is not helping HR executives better understand the story behind their workforce data, he’s serving as Board Chair of the non-profit youth coding program Coded By Kids, making fun playlists on Spotify, and hunting down the best bread pudding in whichever city he’s in.